TuxBoNic | 吳俊利

Beatboxer |  Group Leader, Producer | Malaysian Chinese | KL based

TuxBoNic, better known with my nickname Tux.

Despite spending 98% of my life crafting music, I’m also a car-enthusiast and a travel addict. Music production to me is an art form which combines both talent and technology to orchestrate the creative vision of an untold story.

I am a self-taught full time audio-enthusiast who works 24/7 on creating crafts that mainly focuses on Music Productions, Music Arranging, Song-writing, Audio Engineering (Recording, Mixing & Mastering), Sound Design, and Film Scoring. I am currently signed under Warner Chappell Music Group as an exclusive writer and running a few businesses at the same time. Over the years, I have exposed myself in multiple creative music genres such as Electro, Hip Hop, Jazz, Orchestral, A Cappella and many more.

Tux started with music in his daily routine from early childhood on. Born in Kuala Lumpur, he began playing the guitar at the age of 9 and built up his knowledge of the Classical repertoire throughout his childhood, at times writing a song a day. At age twelve, Tux learned to play the drums and piano. As a preteen he was already composing and producing numerous songs. In 2007 his interest in producing electronic music was piqued after learning about Sound Designs and creative fusion music from the internet. With his gift for musicality and background in instrumentation, composition and production, the move into the realm of electronic dance music was seamless. Since then, Tux has provided musical works for hundreds of clients worldwide including international and local artists, leading commercial brands, TV documentaries, films.

Read more about Tux on his official website here at https://tuxbonic.com.

In early 2015, Tux quitted a full time job and started his very first company BROO PRODUCTIONS (a music production & recording studio) with his passionate partners to strategically bring Colour Of Voices forward.

“I would say that the take-off-journey has been wonderful and the success has been demonstrated proudly. My 2nd company Polymath Records Sdn Bhd was then created to strategically pursue my personal music career a step further.”