Krutika Muralidharan

Soprano | Coach | Vocal Teacher | Indian | KL based

Hello! My name is Krutika (you can call me Kru).

I am originally from Delhi, India. I come from a family of musicians. My grandmother, my father and my aunts have been musicians and hence, I am bestowed with musical knowledge genetically. 

While I was trained in light classical Carnatic music by my grandmother, I was introduced to Western music at the age of 4. After being an integral part of the choir and band at an early age, I went on to conduct and organize a school choir in high school. It was only then that I realized that I wanted to pursue music professionally. 

I have been singing professionally, performing on stage as a back-up vocalist in many concerts, and I’ve recorded with India’s biggest band ‘Euphoria’ since the age of 17.

I received a Foundation Certificate in Music and a Certificate in Higher Education in Music in Voice Performance from Middlesex University, UK through KM Music Conservatory in Chennai; under the leadership of world renowned musician and Oscar winning composer Dr. A.R Rahman. I was awarded the overall ‘Best Student’ for the year 2011-2012.

I recently obtained a Diploma in Performance (Vocals) from Rockschool UK with Distinction. I have been teaching music for over 10 years; I currently teach contemporary vocal at Bentley Music Academy, Malaysia – where I am also one of the conductors of the BMA Youth Chamber Choir.

One of my strengths/interests since childhood has been my aural training and ability to sing harmonies to a melody. So, it’s natural that I got attracted to singing A Cappella; which is unique, inspiring and great fun! And I joined The Vochale Project (an all women A Cappella ensemble in KL). As a part of the A Cappella fraternity in Malaysia, I got introduced to Colour Of Voices.

I believe it’s destiny that brought me here to Malaysia and I am loving every step of this wonderful musical journey!