Jaswan Abdullah

Bassist | Co-Founder | Arranger | Malaysian Malay | Pahang based

I am a Johorean, born in 1989 and the youngest sibling of seven. I came from a family that have a strong passion in music. My father used to be a band singer in the late 70’s and his musical sense was eventually passed down to all of his children. I still remember the time when I was little, I like to mess around with my older siblings’ guitar by strumming it randomly, to the extent of breaking the strings! But instead of being mad, they taught me how to properly play it starting with a few basic chords and encouraged me to practice every day. A family band was formed when I was 16 where I was assigned to be the lead guitarist. We performed mostly at wedding ceremonies within Johor. Music has brought us closer as a family and I am really thankful for that.

I was introduced to the A cappella style of singing during my study in KUIPSAS (a college in Kuantan, Pahang) where I met Asnal for the first time in a Nasheed group. This was the point of time where I learned different ways of vocal harmonization and my previous understanding of music has helped me a lot during this process. I started listening to various A cappella bands for inspiration such as Cosmos, Naturally 7 and my most favourite, Pentatonix! Since then, I started to play around with recording software, experimenting with different pattern of A cappella arrangements. My rendition of “Ya Hanana” got almost 200k hits on Youtube and 5000++ shares on Facebook.