Muhammad Ikhwan Shah bin Abd Mutalib

Tenor 2 | Malaysian Malay | KL based

Hello! My name is Ikhwan and I am the 2nd Tenor of the group. I was born in Jerantut, Pahang and the third child amongst four siblings. Ever since I was a kid, I loved to watch other people singing especially on the television and imitated them. I joined my primary school’s Nasheed group and started my singing journey from there. Being on the stage and sing your heart out has taught me to never be scared to express yourself. It is a good platform for me to showcase my talent as well as enhance my self-esteem and confidence.

I got involved much more seriously in singing while in college where I represented my college in singing competitions. This was the moment when I met Asnal and Jaswan who introduced me to the A Cappella style of singing. Since then, we often hanging out together and practice.

Acapella is an art of human vocal. When different tones of individual vocals merged together, it produces an amazing harmony that touches the soul. It tightens the bond and sense of love amongst the singers. This is what I like most ever since I joined COV in 2016. I can literally feel that music has brought us closer together as brothers. I am so overwhelmed with the outcome and all the hard work has finally paid off after COV made its debut and becoming the internet sensation.

Apart from singing, I also enjoy playing basketball and futsal during my free time and spend a quality time with my family. As a Pahang-born singer, I would always say YES to Pahang dishes such as Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak and Sambal Hitam especially when prepared by the woman who love me unconditionally, my mom!