Internet viral sensation : Colour Of Voices (C.O.V), a multiracial Malaysia A Cappella group who love to sing in perfect pitch, whenever, wherever!

With videos that reached out to millions of viewers & subscribers, C.O.V has gained a reputable status in the Malaysian A Cappella scene.
Ever since then, this group that consists of Malay, Sabahan and Chinese members have performed together in various occasions; from festivals to corporate events.

“This is more than just an A Cappella band, C.O.V want to spread this message to all that we live in a multiracial country with cultural diversity, let us try to understand, learn more about each other and live together in harmony. We do not let anyone breaks this beautiful bonds that we have between us.” Colour Of Voices says.

Song selections with multi-languages ranging from English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Korean, Japanese and many more, C.O.V has been hard trained to bring Colour for maximum ears-pleasure. “We are not only learning a new language, but also embrace the beauty of its culture and tradition, hence, make us proud to have been brought up in Malaysia, the land with multiracial and multicultural diversity.” the band says.

Amongst all the music performances and videos, Colour Of Voices aim to spread the message of unity in this time where the world is battling many forms of persecution.

“Our goal is to bring ‘Colour‘ to people’s ears, with our harmony voices.”

• Beatboxer | Group Leader | Producer |Malaysian Chinese | KL based
Tux (吳俊利)

• Soprano | Vocal Teacher | Indian | KL based
Kru (Krutika Muralidharan)

• Bassist | Arranger | Bassist | Malaysian Malay | Johor based
Shark (Jaswan Abdullah)

• Baritone | Lead Singer (English) | Malaysian Sabahan | Nilai based
Joe (Juhairee Khan)

• Tenor 1 | Lead Singer (English) | Malaysian Malay | KL based
Asnal (Asnal Nashriq Bin Khirrudin)

• Tenor 2 | Lead Singer (Bahasa) | Malaysian Malay | KL based
Acai (Ikhwan Shah)

Group wiki :

In the previous days when Colour Of Voices was formed (early 2014), for a one year duration, the group made efforts to meet & practice without any forms of shows & offers.

Especially for Jaswan (C.O.V’s bassist from Kuantan), he has to take a 3 hours bus ride all the way from Kuantan to KL just to meet the members and practice together.

However, the group believes that it’s their passion that brings the group forward as a team and overcome all odds in two years time. “The journey has been wonderful and those obstacles has not stopped us to do what we love to do.”
In the year 2015, Tux (C.O.V’s leader & beatboxer) decided to quit his full time job as a sound designer in an advertising agency and committing full time in Colour Of Voices while running his own recording studio company at the same time. Therefore Colour Of Voices effectively being pushed forward and out of the idle stage by creating various contents and projects.

“All of us are committed towards the group and will find the time (usually on weekends) to gather in KL and used every minute that we have to practice and polish our singing skills. In any other day, when we’re far away from each other, we will make a full use of technology tools such as WhatsApp to practice too!” C.O.V says.

Group History :

C.O.V came into existence in the early 2014 with 6 original members; Asnal, Jaswan, Tux, Ikhmal, Darwis and Nasrul, collaborated with Saiful Nizam’s Wakaka Entertainment. The name ‘Colour Of Voices’ was the idea of Malaysian-born composers, Azuan Aziz and Bo Norikhwan.

After singing together for some time, the 3 original members (Ikhmal, Nasrul and Darwis) decided to leave the group to pursue their respective life goals. Somewhere around 2016, C.O.V left Wakaka Entertainment and decided to manage the group on their own. That was the moment when Joe and Ikhwan joined the group and revived Colour Of Voices as we know today.

In 2015, Tux founded his Music & Audio Productions recording studio company Broo Productions, and began making a series of social media projects with Colour Of Voices. Amongst all the successful viral videos, the 2016 Chinese New Year A Cappella Medley was the most hit. In just one year’s time, Tux & Broo Productions has provided with C.O.V hundreds of live shows and gained C.O.V a professional portfolio with tremendous exposure.

The group is looking forward to pursue their artistry craft in the future, aiming towards the possibility of Singles Productions & more high quality contents.