Asnal Nashriq Bin Khirrudin

Tenor 1 | Founder | Malaysian Malay | KL based

Hey Yall! I am the 1st Tenor in Colour of Voices and you can call me Asnal. I am a 1989’s baby who was born in Penang but spent most of his life in Kuala Lumpur. Singing has always been my passion. I started to join school choir when I was 16. From that moment and up until now, I have always been amazed by how beautiful human voices sounded like when singing in unison as well as in harmony. It soothes the heart of the people who are listening to it and can be a powerful tool in expressing oneself.

Somewhere around 2007, I pursue my study in KUIPSAS where I met Jaswan for the first time. We sang together in a Nasheed group where I got my ear training on how to sing in harmony and polishing my singing skills. We often compete in an inter college singing competition together to gain exposures and experiences.

My interest in A Cappella music started to catalyse when the first Pitch Perfect movie came out in 2012. That was when I told Jaswan that we have to form a Malaysia’s very own A Cappella band and do this seriously. We formed COV in 2016 together with Tux, Ikhwan and Joe, living the dream we have always wanted.

My most favourite music genre will always be a soulful 90’s R&B. I could listen to ‘em Boyz II Men harmonizing all day long! It is something about their singing that inspires me to be a better singer and expresses my emotions through music.

“Singing is my life. It has always been my life. It will always be my life” (Celia Cruz)